Quality Recovery Center Check Points

Quality Recovery Center Check Points

Questions You Should Ask:

● What’s the staff-to-patient ratio? The lower the ratio, the better. Are the counselors certified chemical dependency counselors?

● Does the facility have a medical director on staff?

● Can the treatment center handle other medical needs, like mental health issues or diseases like hepatitis C?

● Are licensed staffers available 24 hours a day?

● What kinds of support are offered after treatment? Does the program have an “alumni” program that offers follow up, and does it help families put together an aftercare plan?

● Is the program able to adapt to the medical history, trauma background, culture or gender identity of the patient?

● Is the center in-network with your insurance? If not, what out-of-pocket expenses should you expect?

*Learn to Fish Recovery Center does not accept insurance. Please call our office regarding tuition

● Is the program transparent, or does it simply tell you what you want to hear?

Learn to Fish Recovery Center meets all of these criteria! To answer any further questions you might have, please contact our office at 941-755-3900