A day of worship, A day of thanks, A day of rest

We started church early this morning. 10 sleepy headed women loaded up the affectionately named “druggie buggy” our long, gray, industrial looking van, and headed out.
I have to admit; I am not a morning person. Meaning, mostly don’t, don’t breathe in my direction until noon. This morning, and in the past several days, I have been waking up several times during the night and also very early due to a nasty side effect of a new medication. So, since God woke me up at 7 a.m., I figured, I might as well get ready for church. I hadn’t planned on going today. I have been a grumpy Gus all week. I really didn’t want to socialize. I thought today would be a perfect opportunity for youtube services.
God had other plans.  There was a comfy blue sofa to sit on, instead of a hard pew.  The Praise band was lively and tuneful. There were strawberries & pineapple to eat, with fresh juice to drink. But, most of all, people welcomed the Learn to Fish Recovery Center ladies with bright faces and smiles and open arms. The service was lovely. The pastor was FEMALE! (Still exhilarating to me, a girl who has grown up in the rural and very conservative south).
This grumpy, crusty, recovering night person worshiped with a church FAMILY. The family of Christ. And was thankful. For the musicality. For the comfy sofa. For breakfast. For the “Girl Preacher”. Most importantly, a change of heart and attitude, a thankfulness in Christ and in others, and a day to rest in the love and family of the Learn to Fish ladies and the family of Jesus.
May you all have a blessed Sunday.